Tilt & Turn Windows

A flexible window with best in class configuration, Tilt and turn windows highlights a scarf that can tilt open at an edge from the best with pivots at the base or swing inwards with depends as an afterthought. Propelled building encourages both these operations with straightforward turn of a solitary handle. An ideal blend of plan and usefulness this inventive window when in shut position has the work of art, tastefully satisfying appearance of a photo window.


Features & Benefits

  • Modern and Snazzy.
  • Tilt position permits sans draft ventilation and rain assurance.
  • Turn position offers greatest ventilation, departure opening and speedy cleaning.
  • Brings greatest daylight, protection and style.
  • Vitality sparing plan, simple to utilize and dependable.
  • Keep your home tranquil with clamor protection.
  • Triple glass choice for better protection.
  • Climate safe; Not inclined to rust, termite, erosion or blurring.