Fixed Windows

Fixed windows prevalently known as picture windows are stationary, non-opening windows expected to permit light into the room, offer an unhindered perspective of outside and improve the stylish of a home. It can likewise be matched with other window sorts to make an extraordinary style proclamation.

Added or coupled to your operable windows and entryways, fixed windows will detectably light up living zones and increment your vision territory. Fixed windows can likewise make a staggering picture window that watches out finished your most loved garden or see and are accessible in square, rectangle, raked, roundabout or angled shapes.


Features & Benefits

  • Gives a reasonable unhindered perspective of outside.
  • Permits greatest daylight.
  • To a great degree vitality proficient.
  • Offers unrivaled sound protection.
  • Keeps out clamor, clean, warmth and contamination with its impenetrable seals.
  • Ensures against rain water leakage and tempest.
  • Accessible in assortment of plans, hues and equipment.