Bi-Fold Doors

Nothing looks - or works - better in rooms neglecting greenery enclosures and porches. This new-era entryway, intended for expansive openings, joins different bands in a one of a kind slide and overlay instrument. The bands move in either bearing (left or right) and can be stacked at either end. It can open from one end to the other for greatest unhindered opening to the outside, or open incompletely for ventilation and get to. At the point when shut it is amazingly secured and protected, and seems to be a wonderful mass of entryway boards.


Features & Benefits

  • Contemporary and up-to-date with amazing style.
  • Accommodates extensive openings.
  • Smooth to work.
  • Combinations welded edge and scarf for quality and sturdiness.
  • Unrivaled protection against clamor, rain, tidy and contamination.
  • Incredible warm and acoustic protection.