About Us

Squareton uPVC definition and assembling process makes uPVC Doors & Windows that convey unrivaled execution, vitality productivity and ecologically safe item with the guarantee of long haul support capacity. Our utilization of bleeding edge accuracy apparatus and howdy end equipment foundation instruments make our items truly outstanding in the market as far as quality, execution and cost-viability.

As apparent the cutting edge developments of numerous types have proficiently been upheld by different headways all through the changing needs of development prerequisites, one such need being the Windows & Doors of our structures that need full verification fixing and security adherence. Recognizing the interest for proficient uPVC Windows & Doors, uPVC has accumulated extraordinary regard and incentive from all positions of designers for it being an able answer for condition shielding and an ideal substitution to customary Windows and Doors.

Sqaureton is one of the spearheading organizations that has assumed up the liability to give very qualified uPVC Windows & Doors to all sides of Bengaluru.


Searching for new Windows for your home? Investigate Squareton uPVC's wide assortment of home Window styles and shapes and locate the ideal supplement to your home. Select a style underneath to see the product offerings and take in more about the sorts of Windows.


Squareton uPVC Doors can enable you to make an appealing, inviting condition. Make a life-changing initial introduction sponsored by dependable execution with an Doors style that fits your home's plan.
Investigate the diverse outside Doors styles accessible from Squareton uPVC. Each passage Doors style is accessible in various material sorts and product offerings to suit your inclinations.


  • Thermal Insulation & Energy Efficient

    uPVC Windows & Doors profiles has a low thermal conductive, which can reduce the loss of energy. They are designed with multi-chambers which also reduce the transmission of heat.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    uPVC Windows & Doors profile is free from the attack of acids, alkalis, waster gases & salts.

  • Sound Insulation

    The multi chambers, welded corners & tight seals offer excellent sound insulation.

  • Fire Resistance

    uPVC material used in Windows & Doors are difficult to ignite and do not support or enhance accidental wire unlike their timber counterparts.

  • Water tightness

    uPVC Windows & Doors profiles absorbs water below 0.1%. Moreover the uniquely designed weep hole and weather strip in the meeting rail provide water resistance proof.

  • Strength & Security

    All main uPVC profiles are reinforced with steel, provide a high level of security.

  • Weather Resistance

    uPVC Windows & Doors are exposed in sorching sun, storms, dryness, high humidity or other extreme weather change. They do not rot , corrode nor warp. Even after many years, the windows & Doors are still attractive, perfectly tight and working well.

  • Maintenance Free

    The closed smooth surface of uPVC profiles ensures ease of clean by usinggentle household detergent dissolved in water. They are also available with a foil coating in different colors, so you do not need to paint it.

  • Electricity Insulation

    uPVC Windows & Doors profiles has high electricity insulation.



  • Maintenance Free

    Alluminium Windows & Doors need painting over long periods of usage.

  • Durability Under Extreme Weather

    Alluminium Windows & Alluminium Doors can start fading after sustained exposure to sun. start looking ugly.

  • Monsoon Resistence

    Alluminium Windows & Alluminium Doors allow rain water to come in due to poor insulation & installation.

  • Resistance to Wind

    Due to poor structural strength & insulation, Alluminium Windows & Alluminium Doors tend to rattle in face of strong winds leading to whistling.

  • Environment Impact

    Alluminium Windows & Alluminium Doors frames use large amount of energy in production not an environment friendly choice.

  • Asthetics

    Alluminium Windows & Doors can look old and out of proporation.

  • Energy Conservation

    Alluminium Windows & Doors (being metal) conduct heat energy. Poor sealing & imperfect installation leads to a lot of energy loss.

  • Sound Insulation

    Alluminium Windows & Doors are poorly sealed with mechanical joints & poorly installed leading to poor sound insulation.


  • Maintenance Free

    uPVC Windows & Doors require no painting only routine cleaning.

  • Durability Under Extreme Weather

    uPVC Windows & Doors have UV resistant blend & do not fade under sustained exposure to sun.

  • Monsoon Resistence

    uPVC Windows & Doors have built in special rain drain mechanism. For heavy rain, special rain track can be accomodated.

  • Resistance to Wind

    uPVC Windows & Doors are multi chambered & reinforced with steel for heavy winds load they can be reinforced with a hurricane bar.

  • Environment Impact

    uPVC Windows & Doorsuse less energy at the time of production hence more environmental friendly.

  • Asthetics

    uPVC Windows & Doors have elegant looks enhances both the exterior & interior of the building.

  • Energy Conservation

    uPVC Windows & Doors are poor conductors of heat they have excellent sealing with multiple point locks & fusion welded joints hence conserve.

  • Sound Insulation

    uPVC Windows & Doors are fusion welded lock at multiple points & double sealed leading to excellent sound insulation.